SANTA ROSA, Sonoma, California, Northern
Listing Account Number: 1234-0003
Asking Price:$213,750

Gross Revenue:$1,000,000

Property: Leased

San Francisco Bay Area is dynamic and world famous.  It was forever changed as a result of David Packard and William Hewlett birthing Hewlett-Packard in Palo Alto in 1939 . This event sparked a profound economic engine.  And its Siamese Twin, investment banking, has provided the capital for technology start-ups, evolving new ideas and business models that have changed the world.  As a result, the landscape from San Francisco to the South Bay and east to Livermore has been profoundly changed. This practice is a welcome alternative to this hustle and bustle defining the Bay Area. It is located in a region world famous for its wine industry and renowned for open space; a landscape dotted by agriculture, ranching, forests, nearby villages, clean air, and an area where smart planning is occurring but a short drive from San Francisco.  Located in Santa Rosa (largest city between San Francisco and Portland), this practice is anchored by 6+ days of Hygiene and a strong staff. Focus is on Restorations. Last 3-years have averaged $1+ Million in Collections with Available Profits of $370,000+ in 2019.  Proudly presented by Professional Practice Sales.  To learn more, simply click  Go to 6171 NORTH BAY’S SANTA ROSA under Listings on the Menu Bar. Or email